Philippine Consortium for Social Welfare and Human Development Research (PCSWHDR) Inc.

The PCSWHDR is the channel program partner and recognised distributor of NVivo and provider of

end-user support and training in the Philippines.

SEC. REG. NO. CS201513108




The Philipppine Consortium for Social Welfare and Humand Development Inc. was envisioned by our CEO and founded by academics and practitoner from inter-disciplinary field.  After the PhD scholarship of our CEO at the Australian Catholic University,   he envisioned the important contribution of technology in qualitative and mixed method research, policy analysis, program enhancement development, project development, realist evaluation and business solutions.  


On Ausguts 2015, the Philippine Consortium was registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a stock corporation that provides consultancy services using technology and the onlyrecognised reseller of NVivo products in the Philippines.


On Ferbruary, the logo and the company's name was registered at the International Property Office (IPO) as well as the launching of the company's website


We would like our company to be recognised as the leading consultancy and research organisation that uses technology in empowering our customers to provide excellent services and to significantly influence policy and program through the use of NVivo.


Our History