The Philippine Consortium for Social Welfare and Human Development Research (PCSWHDR) Inc.

is the sole distributor of NVivo 12 (PLUS, PRO & MAC), SONIA software, INTERPRIS software, PIKTOCHART Infographic software and the only recognized training provider in the Philippines.

SEC. REG. NO. CS201513108/BIR TIN No. 009-077-027/PhilGEPS No. 185860






The Philippine Consortium is a premiere multi-disciplinary organisation that provides consultancy services to academic institution, government agencies, non-governmental organisations, international organisations and business organisations in using technology (NVivo) to address and analyse the needs of their customers.


The Philippine Consortium is comprised of academics and experts from different well-known universities and organisation that advocates in promoting evidence-based research, social welfare program and policy development and enhancement, realist evaluation., and business solutions.


The Philippine Consortium is the only channel program of QSR International in the Philippines and the only recognised sole distributor and recognised provider of training and end-user support for Nvivo (11) STARTER, PRO, and PLUS in the Philippines.

The PCSWHDR provides the following services:


  • We provide consultancy to give people the power to make better decisions using Nvivo PRO and PLUS, and other statistical software;
  • We provide specialised training in using NVivo PRO, PLUS and NVIvo Team
  • We provide technical assistance in the field of social welfare and human development;
  • We provide business solutions to organizations and corportaitons in collecting feedback, organising, and analysing data to improved their product and services; and
  • We provide consultancy services on qualitative and mixed method research, monitoring and evaluation of project and program,  knowledge management, and strategic management.​

Our Chief Executive Officer is a PhD graduate from Australia, International Scholar, Academic, Social Worker, Inspirational Speaker, Public Servant, Researcher, Gerontologist, and a Filipino


Our CEO is the only recognised NVivo expert and trainor in the Philippines


RSW,MPM,Dip. Ger. (Malta)


Chief Executive Officer- Philippine Consortium

PhD in Social Work -Australian Catholic University

Visiting Professor- Ateneo de Davao University

Visiting Fellow- Oxford University Population Ageing

Australian Leadership Awards scholar

Email: or

Mobile: 09173284458 or (02) 216911




Philippine Consortium for Social Welfare and Human Development Research Inc.

Dr. Nick is a recipient of the prestigious Australian Leadership Awards scholarship.  He is the first NVivo expert and the only recognised trainor in the Philippines.  Send Nick an email at or




International Federation of Ageing conference 2010 in Melbourne, Australia

World Social Work and Social Development Conference 2012 Stockholm, Sweden

World Social Work and Social Development Conference 2010 Hongkong